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2013: a great vintage for Perelada wines

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2013: a great vintage for Perelada wines

The 2013 grape harvest has been qualified as Excellent for white wines and Very Good for red wines.The good weather conditions have allowed for a very slow and homogeneous ripening of the grapes, with an optimal phyto-sanitary condition of the vineyard, resulting in a yield slightly higher than the average (+5%).

 Harvesting Monastrell grapes at Finca Espolla.

In the 131 hectaresof vineyards that Perelada owns in the Empordà, the vintage 2013 enjoyed fresh temperatures and gentle rainfall throughout the whole vegetative cycle of the vineyard. As a result, the ripening was very slow and homogeneous, with an optimal phyto-sanitary condition, resulting in a yield which was slightly higher than the average of previous years (+5%). In summary, this has been an Excellent year for white wines and Very Good for red wines.

After a dry winter, March was a very rainy month, with 19 days of precipitations (150 l/m2). This provided abundant water reserves in the subsoil, something that proved ideal for the good sprouting of the vines.

Moderate temperatures and high rainfall where the dominants until June, and even the Summer months were atypical, with unusually fresh nights. This facilitated a perfect growth of the plants, which obtained a very good leaf area and had a perfect ripening, though about 15 days later than in previous years.

For the first time in the last 22 years, the harvest didn’t start in August. It started on 2 September with the Chardonnay grapes, and finished on 18 October with Monastrell. It lasted a total of 47 days, eight more than last year, even though September was a very dry month and grape picking only had to be interrupted a single day due to the rain.

This year, the average yield in the Perelada vineyards has been 5,700 Kg/ha.

Regarding winemaking, white wines are very aromatic and have an excellent balance between alcohol and acidity, a low pH and a very good ripening.

As far as red wines is concerned, the vintage 2013 shows a very high quality. They are specially aromatic and have very balanced graduations (13,5-14,5% vol). In particular Garnatxa and Syrah varietals have reached a polyphenol concentration ideal for its ageing both in barrels and in the bottle. 

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